Public Relations & Communications

Brightus is a business-to-business focused communications agency that pairs comprehensive strategy with powerful implementation. We assist organisations of all sizes and growth stages in communicating with external audiences such as customers, investors, stakeholders, suppliers, and their respective wider industries through media relations, stakeholder communications, content marketing, social media, corporate comms, and more.
Brightus works with a wide variety of b2b and corporate clients.

Guiding industry leaders to exceed expectations and achieve growth.

We deliver marketing and communications campaigns that generate awareness for organisations, build their reputation, and encourage customers and other stakeholders to consider choosing them. We advise industry leaders on the best strategic approach and then implement that strategy via a tactical campaign, delivering results that exceed expectations.
The Brightus team hail from corporate communications, public relations, and marketing backgrounds. Our skills and expertise are firmly grounded in insights and experiences gained from the business-to-business and corporate sectors.

Strategic marketing channels to connect with your audience and amplify your message.

Our approach

We believe the perception of an organisation in the market is the reality of that organisation to its external stakeholders and customers. Purchase decisions, investment decisions, and partnership decisions are all made based on what an audience believes an organisation to be.

Brightus works with its clients to ensure that they become broadcasters of their success and insights, and that their perception in the market is one that attracts customers, partners, investors, and others. Brightus uses communication strategies and tactics to position its clients in their industry in the best possibly way to achieve success.
What we do

Brightus offers a vast range of communications and marketing services that we combine into tailored campaigns.

Brightus isn't just about offering a one-size-fits-all solution; it's about delivering tailored campaigns that genuinely serve its clients’ unique needs. Leveraging a comprehensive range of communications and marketing services, each campaign is custom-built to maximise engagement with its clients’ target audience.

We have in-depth experience across a variety of industries.

Software as a service
Consumer tech
Financial services
Venture capital
Consumer finance
Driverless car technology
Energy industry
Managed service providers
Sustainability industries
Professional services
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